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        Development process
        • 1999
        • The establishment of the National Optical Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., the main products for RJ45, RJ11 series and LED assembly
        • 2003
        • Shenzhen direction Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, the main products for SFP series, RJ45 series, RJ11 series, HDMI, USB, AC, cable, LED components
          Through ISO: 9001 and UL certified, RoHS environmental standard product launched
        • 2004
        • Founded direction Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited
        • 2007
        • Through the ISO14001 environmental certification
          The successful development of single and double RJ45 band filter products and put into production
          It was named & quot; Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises & quot;
        • 2008
        • The successful development of SFP, SFP + series and put into production
          Import ERP systems
        • 2009
        • It was named & quot; Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, the most competitive of hundred enterprises & quot;
          Successful development QSFP, QSFP +, with POE RJ45 series
        • 2010
        • Was named & quot; high-tech enterprise & quot;
        • 2011
        • By QC080000: 2005 Hazardous Substance Management System Certification
        • 2012
        • Import BPM electronic workflow system
          Ganzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. was established and put into production direction
          Leading large design guide groove, no ZIF, horizontal FPC connector successfully developed and mass production
        • 2013
        • Design of advanced high frequency (15GHZ) fine pitch BTB connector successfully developed and mass production
          Unique in the industry, can significantly reduce connection costs double dual contact FPC connector successfully developed and mass production, and successfully applied for national patents.
          Shenzhen direction Electronics Co. Technical Center in December 2013 was identified as & ldquo; Bao'an District of Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center & rdquo;
        • 2014
        • IECQ HSPM QC080000: 2012, RoHS 2011/65 / EU version of the successful upgrade
        • 2015
        • GLGNET trademark of direction the company was named & ldquo; Guangdong Province & rdquo;
        • 2015
        • Huizhou factory was established