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        Career Growth


        Vocational Training

        The company has a sound mechanism for training, development of career planning for every employee to join direction
        1, induction
        2, mentoring system training (apprentice chef training)
        3, professional and technical training

        4, the company regularly experience-sharing sessions
        5, the company provides the opportunity to learn training institutions


        1. Identity direction of corporate culture
        2, has a good work ethic
        3, in line with job demand conditions
        4, good teamwork

        Compensation and Benefits

        1. paid leave (national public holidays, paid annual leave, work leave)
        2. examination (once a year): Company annual regular medical staff
        3. The year-end bonuses
        4. Social Security: for employees endowment, unemployment, work injury and maternity and other social insurance
        5. Shenzhen hukou handle
        Various other grants and subsidies 6. Company
        7. Training: The company offers a variety of training and continuing education opportunities for domestic
        8. Employee Activity: The company organized various activities


        Promotion course

        Entry-level---Professional—-Advanced Professional                         

            A:Grass-roots management---Grass-roots management

            B:Expert---Senior Expert